Hello and welcome to my website  

   I am a qualified, independent and experienced sensual and holistic massage therapist with over 5 years experience. I specialise in different massage techniques from my studio near Nottingham city centre. 

   This is a unique service what will make you experience combinations with different techniques:
     * Swedish massage
     * Hawaiian massage

     * Indian Head massage
     * Reflexology
     * Tantric and Reiki technique (this is NOT body to body service)


    My clients include women, men and couples. They tell me they have received immense physical and emotional benefit from their time with me. Some people have traumatic, habitual, societal or other blockages and defensive mechanisms in their body and mind that prevent them from experiencing pleasure. Some people have never, as yet, experienced joy. 

   Some want to enhance the intimacy, connection and comfort they already have. I see my purpose as helping people reach their full capacity for emotional and physical well-being. My sessions offer an opportunity to explore, through massage, music and the use of relaxing or stimulating oils, the expression of sensuality within a safe, healing environment.


   I use my skills to help you release your emotions and become more aware of and responsive to your needs as a person and a sensual being. Having positive sensual energy in your life is good for you and everyone around you.


   My clients come to me for a variety of reasons and each session is designed, with your participation, to meet your specific needs and desires. Then, as you relax and enjoy the comfort of the surroundings, I will help you explore your deeper needs and thoughts.


   I am happy to say that many of my clients return regularly to enjoy the calm and sensual atmosphere my work offers.

   To make an appointment, please feel free to contact me for more information.



Opening times

  • Monday 7:30-23:00

  • Tuesday 7:30-23:00

  • Wednesday 7:30-23:00

  • Thursday 8:00-23:30

  • Friday 8:00-20:00

  • Saturday 11:00-20:00

  • Sunday 12:00-21:00 

!!! working hours is the same

on bank holidays



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